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KTC Music Report: April 26

Updated: 6 days ago

I hope everyone's enjoying spring. Here in Denver, it is supposed to rain and snow tomorrow. So it's hard to get into summer mode, but it gives me more motivation to listen to some island vibes.

This week, we have a good mix of artists who released music. KTC alum Garren released a new, complex album. Someone new to the KTC family, E.M.E, dropped his fun single, "One Day."

There's an artist who released her debut project and someone who's been in the game for a while, but came out with a strong project that reflects a lot of healing.

Here is the KTC music report for April 26:

Garren — "Hello, Are you Listening?" Album

Back in 2020, Garren shared the story with us behind his theme of being (normal). His new album is "Hello, Are you Listening?" It's a 10-song project that runs 26 minutes, but expresses a lot of emotion in that short time. The Los Angeles singer, who has one of the strongest voices in the game, details the complexities of love and situationships. The title track is a standout with a thin piano soundscape as Garren seeks direction.

E.M.E — "One Day" Single

Afrobeats is good for any time of the year, but especially when you need to feel some good vibes. Denver-based artist E.M.E released his new single, "One Day" and shared the story behind the song with us. He recorded it at the legendary Quad Studios as a letter to himself in the future and a message to his fans to keep persevering even when people don't understand the vision.

Audrey Powne — "From the Fire" Album

I first heard of Audrey Powne when Derek Minor sampled "Mind Full" from her band Leisure Centre for his 2019 song "Dope" with Propaganda and John Givez. I follow her on Instagram and I saw that she released her debut album. I had to give it a listen. "From the Fire" shows what a thoughtful artist she is, including the cinematic, jazzy "Overture," the gentle crescendo of "Indigo" and the looming conclusion, "Souled Out." It is a beautiful project.

Aaron Cole — "Sorry, I Changed" Album

I interviewed Aaron Cole for Rapzilla all the way back in 2015 when he was part of their "Five Teen Rappers to Watch" project. I don't think anyone else on the list is still making music (I could be wrong)... but Cole has climbed the ladder of the industry and is now an award-winning rapper. His new album, "Sorry, I Changed" comes after he reached the other side of a season of changes, including the death of his grandmother, and found healing and gratitude. The talented Parris Chariz assisted with writing and it's evident that this project is the product of a lot of self-reflection. It's really cool Cole got Kirk Franklin on "SBTN" and "Safe Haven" is a standout track that shows the daily battle between confidence and insecurity. The reference to the Shedeur Sanders wrist flex is fun and relatable on such a thoughtful track. "Look @ God" and "Prayed 4 Me" come together for a glorious victory lap.

Tems — "Love Me JeJe" Single

If you aren't familiar with Tems, it's never too late. Let me put you on because she is simply magical. The Nigerian singer, who has worked with Future and Wizkid, has made a name all her own with her ethereal voice. Her latest single, "Love Me JeJe," is another vibe.

350 — "3: Does Anyone Know You're Going This Way?" Album

If you're a TDE fan, you should check out 350. He's a Texas artist who is a solid storyteller and trades in the typical gritty southern sound for a cinematic experience. On his new album, "3: Does Anyone Know You're Going This Way?," he's honest about growing up in a negative environment and relays how others continue to keep him grounded. His pacing on the reflective "How Could I Heal If I Forget?" is moving and the transition into the electronic-infused "Time Will Tell" is flawless.

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