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Pharrell releases 'Piece by Piece' Lego biopic trailer featuring Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and more

A Lego Pharrell wears headphones in a studio.
Pharrell tells his life story in the upcoming film, "Piece by Piece," a Lego movie. Credit: Focus Features

Sometimes you gotta take life one brick at a time.

Pharrell released the trailer for his upcoming Lego biopic, "Piece by Piece," on Thursday.

The clip starts by acknowledging the question everyone is asking: Pharrell wanted to tell his story via Legos? The answer is yes!

“Lego is just such a democratic – I don't mean that politically – but it is just such a very democratic toy and imagination instrument. And the idea that you're building things brick by brick, piece by piece, it's just so synonymous with us as a species,” Pharrell told Complex. “Every building gets built brick by brick, block by block, piece by piece. Every dream is built that way, and so we wanted it to be something that was something that would apply and resonate with others regardless of where you're from. I wanted you to look at this and say, ‘I can do that.’”

In the teaser, the multi-hyphenate details his childhood where he felt like an outcast because of his love of music, quirky fashion and synesthesia where he sees colors when he hears sounds.

He got many of his music collaborators to appear in the film, including Gwen Stefani (she's wearing a Rock Steady era outfit!), Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Busta Rhymes and Jay Z. A highlight of the trailer is when Pharrell and his Neptunes counterpart Chad Hugo are conceptualizing the beat for Tha Doggfather's multiplatinum hit "Drop It Like It's Hot." Hugo's character appears in the film even though he and Pharrell are in a legal dispute over the use of their Neptunes work.

"Piece by Piece" releases to theaters October 11 and includes new original music from Pharrell. The movie chronicles Skateboard P's rise from Virginia Beach, Virginia and his many alter egos as he created a platform to inspire young minority creatives.

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