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KTC Music Report: April 19

Updated: 6 days ago

We all know what the biggest music release is today, but that's for another publication to cover.

There are several hip-hop projects that dropped and caught our attention. Yes, Drake finally fessed up that "Push Ups" was, indeed, his Kendrick Lamar diss track and not AI.

But many other artists shared heartfelt, inspiring projects from around the world. You should definitely check these out if Taylor Swift isn't your steeze. And even if she is, these are worth your time too because good music is good music!

Here is the KTC music report for April 19:

Corey Paul — "Diane's Baby" Album

Corey Paul dropped a chilling project in the form of the "Diane's Baby" album. It's a tribute to his mother and the generations that formed him. The Houston MC is always fiercely authentic and he levels up here. He continues to work with his righthand producer, BoX, and they create interesting and thought-provoking soundscapes that really draw the listener in. There's the seven-minute "Ruby Mae," which is a masterclass in storytelling. One of my favorites is "Joy" because of its complexity and how it perfectly captures the emotional roller coaster called life. One of the singles, "I Did It," explores life in H-Town and the video is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Mez — "The Loading" EP

I first heard of Mez back when he was on Lecrae's "Church Clothes 2" even before Dr. Dre "discovered" him. The North Carolina artist is seriously so talented as a storyteller and wordsmith. In the past several years, he's shown the world he's so much more than a rapper and writer by directing music videos and ad campaigns. But it always feels comforting hearing Mez's gravely voice on a rap record reflecting on purpose and not fitting into a box. He has such a smooth flow and bars that make you go, "What?!" One of my favorites on "The Loading" is from "Humma Time" where he goes, "Bought the b*tch a tennis bracelet just to stop the racket." Sheesh! He has Isaiah Rashad, SAINt JHN and Leon Bridges on the project, which shows a great range of sound and content for seven tracks. And, it's his birthday!

Headie One ft. Stormzy & Tay Keith — "Cry No More" Single

I am obsessed with Stormzy, so this was a must. I'm not the biggest fan of Headie One's voice, something about it being partially nasally but still gritty that maybe doesn't connect with me? But the British force put the one and only Stormzy over this smooth drill-infused beat from Tay Keith and it really works. "Cry No More" is a reflective, yearning track about rising above life's frustrations and is definitely worth the three-minute listen.

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